Do Things Just Because They Amuse You

Anyone who knows me, knows that I often do stuff simply because it amuses me. A good example of that is the title of my book, Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play. I went through dozens of iterations whilst trying to come up with a name. In the book there is an official reason for the name – which is partially true. My daughters crazy imagination and desire to be a pink unicorn with wings was the key inspiration for the name. However, there is another less obvious and far less grown up reason.

Not long before, I wrote the book, I was trying to work out a way for people to be able to reference the User Types Hexad in academic papers. A few people had issues referencing from a website, turns out the academic world is not so keen on blogs. Anyway, I decided to write a paper and submit it with a little help.  Long story short, the paper was rejected. In a wonderful leap of circular logic, the fact that the user types were already on my blog, meant they were not original work and so a paper was not an option. Whilst trying to figure out another plan, I was told that often it was far more acceptable to cite a book than a blog. So, I decided to get the book done.

Now, back to the norm. In childish recesses of my mind, I get great pleasure from the thought that soon there will be serious academic papers that will have the following citation amongst all the other serious books.

“Marczewski, A. (2015). User Types Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play

I know, childish – but it makes me smile!

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