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Bits ‘n’ Bobs

A few side projects and stuff for you to enjoy. Gamification Memes: A compilation of my memes over the last few years [slideshare id=72856568&doc=gamificationmemes-170306124039&type=d]   Other “Wisdom” Memes… [slideshare id=72858460&doc=generalmemes-170306132757&type=d]   Some music I’ve...

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Fun and Gamification?

Often when people talk about gamification, they speak about adding fun to everyday work related tasks. The whole Mary Poppins “A Spoonful of Sugar” analogy pops up regularly.  Anyone who has stuck with this blog...

MP151 720x340 Mary Poppins was full of crap 3

Mary Poppins was full of crap

Ok, this has been bugging me for years. In Gamification, there are many things you hear again and again. It’s not about games, points are bad, intrinsic motivation is king. There are more, but...