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Hi all.

So, I wanted to give a bit of a life update as the site has been lacking in what I would consider “quality content”. I have had to take a bit of a step back recently for various reasons. I have been writing here about gamification for since 2011 on an almost weekly basis. At some stage, you run out of ideas! I also have just finished the new book, so needed to distract myself away from gamification a little.

As such, I have been doing more music-related content on YouTube.  Every year I try to challenge myself with something new. This year it was to start doing more around guitar, a passion of mine for the past 25 years. This saw me starting up the YouTube channel and just this week releasing some music on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

Now here is the advice bit… Just like I always tell you in gamification design, I set realistically achievable challenges that matched my skill levels along the way. I don’t set expectations, I set goals. First was to get YouTube going, next was Instagram and now releasing music officially.

Whilst I was doing this, I also (as you know) published the latest version of Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play. Amazon messed up how this was released sadly, so it has been a bit hard to find on their store. As such I have extended the lower price (12.99 vs 15.99) for another week – get it now!

With all of this said, I shall return to more gamification related content from next week. In the meantime, I would ask something of all of you.

  • First, please, if you have bought the book, review it on Amazon and rate it. I know it is a pain, but it really helps the positioning of the book. In the UK I only had 2 reviews on the book in 3 years despite very healthy sales.
  • Second, if you have a moment, please do check my music out on YouTube or Spotify (as they are free). If you are feeling it, then, of course, you can buy it on iTunes and Google Play. Only 3 songs at the moment, but I plan to release more over time.
  • Finally, if you are into guitar, please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

All links are below.

And once again, thank you all so much for sticking with me over the years, it really is an honour to have you all read my content and I love you all.


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