HEXAD 12 – The New and Improved HEXAD User Type Test!

This is so cool. I am absolutely thrilled to announce the first big update to the HEXAD User Type Test in a very long time!

There is new and improved version of the test that works from half the question and is just as, if not more, accurate than before.

Developed by Jeanine Krath, Maximilian Altmeyer, Gustavo F. Tondello and Lennart E. Nacke, you can read the full paper here – HEXAD 12. Gustavo will also be releasing a blog on it soon.

This will slowly start to replace the old version, but you can go an get your HEXAD User Type now – https://www.gamified.uk/UserTypeTest2023

Here is my HEXAD Type – whats yours?

Acmhexad HEXAD 12 8211 The New and Improved HEXAD User Type Test
HEXAD Results for Andrzej

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1 thought on “HEXAD 12 – The New and Improved HEXAD User Type Test!”

  1. Amazing, thank you for publishing the new questionnaire so quickly! 🙂

    I can’t really take the test because I participated of its making, but if I did, I’m pretty sure my highest score would be Philanthropist, followed by Achiever.


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