Gamification Consultancy and Services

Consultation and Solution Design

Whether you are looking to build gamification into a new product, improve engagement in a process or take your current gamification implementation to the next level, Gamified UK can help through our consultation service.

Workshops and Training

Do you have a problem with engagement or motivation? Do you want to give your employees a better understanding of what gamification and how they can make use of it? Do you just want to have some fun with innovation and generate ideas? Gamified UK can deliver workshops or training around gamification and innovation.


Andrzej is an experienced speaker and has given talks at many events over the last few years including Gamification World Congress, ARK Group Conference and SocialNow. He has also been a guest lecturer for Munich Business School, Iversity Gamification Course and more.

Gamification Audits

If you are already using gamification in your product, it can never hurt to have a second pair of eyes look over how you are using it. Gamified UK will go through your software, looking at how the gamification elements are being used and if there are any areas that can be improved.

If any of these services are of interest to you, please use the form below to get in touch and we can discuss your needs further.

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