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Top posts of 2014

Well, Happy New Year everyone. 2014 was a good year for gamification, but 2015 is where we will come of age I feel. Below are a couple of top 10’s for my blog. The first is based on page views for blogs just posted in 2014. The second is based...

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2014 Blog Round Up

Wow, nearly 90 posts this year! 2014 saw some fantastic speaking opportunities, a new deck of cards, a new theory around fun (that I really need to finish soon!). Massive thanks to all of you, roll on 2015!!! [list-posts vars=”year=2014|posts_per_page=-1″]

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2013 Blog Round Up

2013 was all about gamification and loyalty for me. It saw some massive highlights as well, with trips to Portugal and Madrid to do talks as well as meeting a few great people (and a hero or two!). It was also the year that gave birth to my Gamification User...

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My year of blogging 2011

A look back at my blogs from 2011. Interesting to see me slowly switching focus from Social Media and Technology to nearly all Gamification! New Year – What could it Bring Posted on December 31, 2011Well, in a few hours it will be 2012. Now, sadly we are not traveling in flying...