Easter Eggs and Gamification

Hqdefault Easter Eggs and Gamification

Now, before you get excited – this is nothing to do with chocolate!

Easter eggs in this case refer to hidden surprises and extras (just like an Easter egg hunt when you were a kid). They are aimed at people who like to explore (Free Spirits) as they reward people for just looking around and digging a little deeper than some others.

In games (and actually even in serious software like Office), Easter eggs have been around for a really long time.

An Easter Egg doesn’t have to be hard to get too, Disney’s Aladdin had a lovely nod to Mickey Mouse for the more eagle eyed amongst its players. Read More ...

Easter Delays

Gamasutratest Easter Delays

Hello and I hope all of you who celebrate Easter had a good time!

Just a quick note to say that this weeks blog will be a little delayed due to holidays and stuff. It will be about using some off my previous career related Gamification posts to create a potential strategy for employers. I hope!

Until then, you may enjoy some of the conversations that have come up around my posts over at Gamasutra

They are mostly the same as things here, but with a whole different audience!

I will be back this week with a proper blog post for you all! Read More ...