The Number One Mistake in Gamification Design

Ok, so this is going to polarise you guys a little, but MY number one mistake in gamification design, as I personally see it…

Designing the solution that you want rather than what the client needs. Note I am saying what the client needs not what they want

When designing a solution, it is easy to get caught up in how cool and how fun it can be. Then you start to work on great designs that you love. You take them to the client and you start to explain why your idea and design is absolutely the best solution. Soon you are building your personal pet project, rather than actually solving the problems the client had.

It happens to us all. There is nothing wrong with introspection when it comes to design, or working with small teams. But beware of the echo chamber effect, where you just keep repeating and amplifying the same thing without really involving the client or constantly evaluating their needs.

This is not quite the same as Solutioneering as the starting point may well have been the client needs, rather than just turning up with a solution looking for a problem. But what may start with the best of intentions can quick;y become a personal project that no longer bears resemblance to the original problem statement.

Keep going back to the problem and why you are using gamification, keep checking that you are still solving it.

What do you all feel is the biggest mistake, I’d love to hear your opinion here or on twitter (@DaveRage)

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