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Full Colour Cards (Render)
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Introduction | About the cards | Want to buy a deck? | More ways to play


35 Creativity ToolsI don’t know what it is, but I love cards.  I think it stems from my parents, who were avid Bridge players. We always had several decks Bridge cards lying around. I like how they feel in your hand, how they smell, how they sound as you shuffle them. When I first discovered that people had been producing sets of cards for everything from project management to game design and of course gamification, I was a happy man! I own several of these kinds of decks now and love them all.

However, as I was developing my own theories, especially my User Types, I found the decks I had a little less useful to me. So, rather than trying to bend them to my needs, I decided to create my own – the Gamification Inspiration Cards.

Full Colour Cards (Render)

Full Colour Cards (Render)

About the cards

deck box-smallThese cards (54 in all) are designed to help inspire ideas and build new and interesting gamified solutions. They have been developed to work hand in hand with my user types, but they are not limited to just that.

Use them to help you design new strategies and products. Play the various “games” described with the deck or on the “More ways to play” pages to get the creative juices flowing. Stuck? Just sit and shuffle the deck whilst you think about the problem, you may just see a card that triggers that Eureka moment.

For some examples of the cards, take a look here!

A huge thanks to Jonathan Kohl for all of his suggestions as he used the various card prototypes to build new products! Check him out at

Buy a deck

The cards are £15 plus delivery. Buy them direct from here

Full Colour–Full-Colour – No download option available at the moment.


Make sure you select the printed deck – not just the download!

drivethrucardsEmail [email protected] to find out more.

Introduction | About the cards | Want to buy a deck? | More ways to play

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19 Responses

  1. Tessa says:

    Can i buy the cards in the UK? I live in the Netherlands so shipping is much cheaper and faster than USA (3-7 weeks). Please let me know! I am an art teacher to be and i need the cards for my research project.

  2. Enrique Gutérrez says:

    How many mechanics are “enough” for a gamification system?

  3. tcapristano says:

    I pay more for the shippment (Portugal) than the deck, so maybe next time. 🙁

  4. Excellent framework for game mechanics. I will acquire a copy this year to test with my clients.

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