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Gamification User Journey Planning Workbook

To go along with my Gamification User Journey Framework, I have created a workbook to help you plan out your user journeys and gamification ideas. The workbook consists of printable worksheets, mechanics list and instructions to enable you to work on your own or run a full workshop. You may...


The gamification of a career

A fair few of my recent posts have revolved around how we can use ideas from games / gamification to improve certain aspects of an employee’s “journey” through their career. I thought it may be time to pull it all together in a single coherent (I hope) post! It makes...


Mario as a Metaphor for your Career

When you consider your career, unless you are a games developer, I am pretty sure Mario does not enter your thoughts all that much. However, this game (as with almost all other games really) can teach us a lot about how we can plan our careers and how businesses really...