Combining the Gamification User Journey, Action / Feedback Loops and the Spiral to Mastery

Action Feedback Loop Combining the Gamification User Journey Action Feedback Loops and the Spiral to Mastery
The Action / Feedback Loop

Andrzej Marczewski

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  1. Jouko Heikkil Jouko Heikkilä says:

    For some reason, this spiral reminded me of the Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development (
    I see, it is quite natural that masters may improve they mastery by either enlargening it or deepening it if they have opportunity to do it. And it may be that these opportunities needs even to be discovered by the master. One message in Erikson’s theory is that at some point of your life you look back too see and assess their accomplishments. In Erikson’s theory this is in the end of your life but it don’t need to be. It could be the point when you feel that you can’t uphold your mastery as well as you liked to, for example (you see the “end” coming). What happens after that depends on what do you think life can still offer for you: it may be the end or starting something new.

  2. Oh I agree, more an off the cuff illustration. If you look at my actual journey, they are either at the end state or go back to a modified immersion phase. But the spiral was a nice visual to illustrate that mastery can be a never ending series of connected journeys.

  3. Ha! Enjoyed the music quite a bit :). Nice video. Just one comment on the spirals, it doesn’t seem entirely right that once in mastery, you get back into discovery. In some other theories around it seems like mastery is an “end-state” and the user enjoys just being there, but I never feel it is quite enough. There should be a way to encapsulate this situation… Will keep thinking about it, but looking forward to your thoughts as well!

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