Thanks, a little housekeeping and other stuff.

Hello all. First of all, thank you so much for making this blog (and its syndication’s) way more successful than I had ever imagined! I would never have thought that people would be interested in what I have to say, so thank you.

This is all a big learning adventure for me, one that I am enjoying greatly. It has also opened up some amazing opportunities!


A little house keeping. I have started a Facebook Page about gamificationGamification World

The idea is to post my blogs up there, but also for it to collect articles I like and tweets I have seen that I think may be interesting to all those of you who love a bit of Gamification. Head over and Like the page if you could 🙂

Gamified Blog

Something else I have been thinking about is gamifying the blog. Thinking of quests rather than badges of course. Just something for a bit of fun, maybe help you explore the site. Any ideas?

My Book(let)

Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of my Book – Gamification: A Simple Introduction , if you have bought it and enjoyed it, I would love for a few reviews – no pressure though 😛 There are plans to do s a slightly more detailed follow up, but that may be some time away!

Those that made it possible

Lastly a couple of links to posts that I have done as a guest on other blogs – sort of a thank you for those opportunities.

Most recent is on Gamified Enterprise – Is Gamification in the Workplace just a Fad

Next is a post I did for the company I work for, Capgemini – Gamification for your company

Finally, my first ever guest post at OsakaBentures Motivation and Engagement

All of these articles are very similar, they were all written for different audiences though and at different stages of my understanding!


Shoutouts have to go to a few twitter supporters as well. Saul Fleischman Scott Sincalair Guy Stephens Nyk Loates and so many more. Follow my twitter list on Gamification to see even more great people in this area.

Final thanks to Dr Jo Twist, Mark Sorrell and Paul Bennun who recently helped me find the words and research to articulate some of my ideas!

Stay Connected

Stay tuned for more, make friends with me on Facebook, say hi on Google+ or connect with LinkedIn and Twitter. I am always looking to bounce thoughts off as many people as possible!!!

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