Gamify your drive home

One of the day to day activities that I gamify in my life, is driving. More specifically, driving economically. Best of all, you don’t need to have some expensive gamified car (like the leaf) or any apps.

My car, like most now, has an on-board computer. I have this set to always show me my current miles per gallon (MPG). The game that I play with myself revolves around keeping the MPG number as high as possible. I do this by basically driving sensibly. Not having the air-con on all the time, being in the right gear etc. It is a very simple bit of gamification that revolves around two basic mechanics. Feedback and reward.

Driving activity loop reward Gamify your drive homeWhat I realised recently is why I am doing this and how it flies in much of what I talk about with gamification. I do it to save money. Pure and simple and totally extrinsic (on the surface of it at least).  If I drive efficiently, I save petrol and in turn save money! I could kid myself into thinking that driving efficiently will save the planet and key into a little bit of purpose and meaning, but that would be a lie!

However, it is very simple example of how you can apply gamification to your drive home tonight! Just tell yourself you are a philanthropist user type trying to save the planet, one gallon of petrol at a time!

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