IMG 3749 A week of memes

A week of memes

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For some strange reason I have become obsessed with making memes recently! It may just be I have a  couple of apps on the phone that make it easy now. Whatever the reasons, I thought I would share my last week or so of memes here with you guys. Also, I have not had a chance to write a real blog. Oh, before we go there though – the book has a title (I think)

Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play

Gamification, Game Thinking and Motivational Design

Now on to the memes!

IMG 3749 A week of memes

Gamification is not about making games!

IMG 3754 A week of memes

Progress needs a destination

IMG 3761 A week of memes

Sometimes you just have to know when the person who you are talking to doesn’t care!

IMG 3764 A week of memes

I’m a nerd – deal with it!

IMG 3772 A week of memes

Everyone has an opinion.

IMG 3779 A week of memes

Seriously – I will do anything to get my kids to eat veg.

IMG 3780 A week of memes

If you are weak of mind…

IMG 3785 A week of memes

Okay, I may be a bit crazy

IMG 3787 A week of memes

Money might not be the root of happiness, but it can’t hurt to have a bit more..

IMG 3786 A week of memes

Sometimes you just have to listen and nod along

10374492 10154388603192619 9150831376144757723 n 500x500 A week of memes

Writing takes courage

10999526 10154391429022619 4110775715079370510 n 500x500 A week of memes

Family is not just about blood

11041190 10154390503367619 7131525517561359193 n 500x500 A week of memes

I wish this so often – but experience makes us who we are..

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  1. Can we add a #gamification cartoon to your memes? #fridayfun

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