£10 Not Black Friday Gamification Mega Bundle

Mega bundle e1639665476698 10 Not Black Friday Gamification Mega Bundle

£10 Gamification Bundle: Even Ninja Monkeys eBook, Gamification and Solution Design Lenses, Inspiration Cards and Design Toolkit

Note: this is a download only, there are no physical copies being sent. You should get a link after purchase to download the items.

Gamification and Solution Design Lenses (Normally £9.99)

The downloadable version of my Gamification and Solution Design Lenses. The package contains a printable PDF and the 22 cards as high resolution PNG images.

Basically it is a series of cards that contain questions related to various frameworks I use in my life as a solution designer. They cover ground from the User Type HEXAD, to the COM-B behaviour change model and lots in between – including the “What’s the worst that could happen” card! Read More ...

Gamification and the F word….

Bit less Gamification and the F word 8230

So, in my last post I set the cat amongst the pigeons a little by offering my new definition of gamification. Well, the conversations that followed were superb 🙂 That’s one of the reasons I did it, to start up the conversation again – to get people to step away from the business as usual rut gamification is now in and start think about what it actually is to us and to the client!

So here is another comment that goes against a lot of what I have said and heard in the past.


It’s a word I have avoided when discussing gamification for the same reason many do – fun is subjective. Read More ...

I was wrong: A definition of gamification that should make sense to everyone!

Gamification 2022 taller I was wrong A definition of gamification that should make sense to everyone

I was wrong… for many years in fact. So, here I am again, banging on about definitions. I have been here before, but usually trying to push through the idea of a more academic and “correct” definition of gamification. However, over the years I have realised that this is not much use to most people! I have banged my head against more tables and brick walls that I would care to mention trying to get people to understand “no, it’s not about games…. Well it could be… urm…”

This comes down to the fact that in the non-academic world, the word gamification, or gamify sits in a series of words that essentially mean to become more of something, or to become it! Read More ...

The Engagement Channel Model 2.0: Fun, Flow and Engagement

Engagement Channel Model 2 0 The Engagement Channel Model 2 0 Fun Flow and Engagement

Fun. A three letter word you won’t hear me mention often when discussing gamification! Why? Well, fun is really subjective. What you find fun, I may not. However, for the purposes of this blog, we will assume I like fun as do you and when I mention fun – it means something you will find fun!

With that out of the way, here’s the thing. If you look at Flow or my Engagement Channel stuff, you will see that to enter flow and be truly engaged, the challenge of whatever you are doing should match or slightly exceed your current skill level. Read More ...

The Truth About Gamification: The Ugly, the Bad and the Good

Gamification The Truth About Gamification The Ugly the Bad and the Good

Gamification is a little over 10 years old now, but has much really changed since its wild days of infancy?

I remember when I first started getting involved in 2011, it was a time of excitement, learning and playing. There were meetups, webinars, conferences, knowledge sharing and all sorts going in. It was liberal, free and fun!

But, as with all these things, over time that changed. Empires were built and lost, big corporates started to take ownership of ideas, the sharing and excitement gave way to to proprietary information and closely guarded secrets. Read More ...