Punishing some by rewarding others

Rant 1484064849 Punishing some by rewarding others


Fairplay is very important to me and it annoys me when I see things that, in my mind, show a lack of fairness.

Recently my daughter was legitimately off school with illness. She had never really taken time off school before, so we knew that she was serious when she told us she was not well.

Anyway, she came home a few days later telling me she had homework. Nothing unusual about that. However, she then said that those who had 100% attendance didn’t get any homework as a reward for having 100% attendance. Read More ...

Fair Play: More Important than Rules

Crying baby 1458216972 Fair Play More Important than Rules

In gamification, we often talk about rules. They split games from play, fair from foul. However, just because you have rules, does not mean that everyone will feel that the game is fair!

This came to mind when I watched my youngest daughter’s reaction to being told she could not take a teddy bear to the nursery. The reasons / rules were explained, but that was not of consequence. Up until this point she had always brought toys in and more importantly – so had her friends. “It’s not fair” was about all we could understand through the distraught crying! Read More ...

Can the UK keep up with demand for the Cloud

1282932 57855282 Can the UK keep up with demand for the Cloud

Data. Not the chap from Star Trek the Next Generation. No, I am talking about that invisible stream of information that we all rely on day to day. It lets us browse the web, check our emails, watch films and much, much more.

However, are we coming to the point where our need for data is going to overtake the available infrastructures’ ability to deliver?

Just recently two things happened that have made me question the UK’s readiness for all of this new demand for data. One to gamers the other to tech heads everywhere. The first was OnLive. This brave venture into cloud gaming has met with mixed reviews. The thing is, most of the things that have been criticised actually seem to have been caused more by internet speeds than any fault with OnLive itself. Read More ...