Gamification in Change Management processes

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What follows is the abstract fro a Bachelor Thesis by Raphael Schönen

A while back he interviewed me and a few other gamification experts to help with his theses. If you want to find out more, please contact him at [email protected]

This bachelor thesis is an initial scientific attempt to determine the relevance and implications of Gamification in the Change Management context. Special focus lies on answering the leading question whether and when Gamification can be used as a tool for Change Management. Therefore practical guidance is provided for companies which aim to apply Gamification in the Change Management context. Read More ...

Gamification gone bad

1269461 colored puzzle Gamification gone bad

To move on I want to look at how you can easily get Gamification very wrong. When it goes bad, it goes really bad. What you think makes something entertaining and engaging can actually have the exact opposite effect. This is especially true with online learning materials, or e-learning.

Just because you add pretty graphics and you’ve added some animations doesn’t mean you’ve created a good gamified piece of e-learning. If what you’ve added actually makes it harder to complete the e-learning module then you failed. Read More ...