Are You Building a Solution Looking for a Problem?

Bigweld Are You Building a Solution Looking for a Problem

One of the big issues I see in gamification and many young industries is the issue of building a solution for problems that don’t really exist!

“We are using a gamified solution to increase engagement”.

“Awesome, why?”

“Um, because it will increase engagement…”

“Cool, but why, what problem have you identified that can only be solved by investing in gamification?”

“Um…. go away I hate you…”

This happened a lot with social media. Everyone needed to be on Twitter but had no idea why, or how to use it. Read More ...

Don’t be afraid to say no to Gamification

No to gamification Don 8217 t be afraid to say no to Gamification

Here is something that many who know me or know of me would be surprised to hear. Gamification is not always the answer!

There, I said it.

Often gamification is just a concept people have heard of and know may be of use. In these cases they will ask if it can be used as a solution for an issue they have. The trouble is that it is very easy to fall into the trap of just saying yes. As a gamifier, we really want to use gamification to solve business problems. We know the power that games and game elements can have and want to demonstrate this whenever we can. Read More ...

Is it gamification if….?

Game Thinking 4 Is it gamification if 8230

This is a question I get asked all the time. Is it gamification if x,y or z.  Depending on my mood and their question, I answer a little differently at first but always end the same way. Is it taking something that is not a game and making it more game like in some way? If it is, then you could call it gamification – but you are likely to get people complain one way or the other!

As you may or may not know, I have spent a great deal of time trying to organise my thoughts on this and define gamificaiton, which is how I settled on Game Thinking. This is my umbrella term that covers everything from making interfaces look a little more “gamey”, to making full fledged games. Read More ...