The Importance of being Connected


Andrzej Marczewski

Gamification Expert, author, consultant and designer. I love to write about it, talk about it and bore people to death with it! If you really want to get to know me, check out the About page.

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5 Responses

  1. bestledcompanybestledcompany says:

    thanks … its nice article 

  2. Saul FleischmanSaul Fleischman says:

    Great to be connected, @daverage and thanks for what you wrote about me. You are doing it well – engagement – and are about to see a lot more interaction on your own blog very soon, I think. Christina’s big tribe is going to be helpful to start, and then, when you build your other two tribes strong, they’ll work for you as well. Happy to help with ideas on tribe-building, if you like.

    • Hey @osakasaul:twitter thanks for everything! Been a mad whirlwind lol. Triberr is pretty cool, next on the hitlist figure out google plus!!!

      • Saul FleischmanSaul Fleischman says:

        You know why I’m back here? You used my twitter handle, @daverage early in blog comment, led me back here. See how that works – even if I don’t follow the post’s comments? You keep people engaged this way. Also, everyone loves Twitter mentions, so its good all around.

  1. December 31, 2012

    […] The Importance of being Connected […]

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