Gamification: Pianists vs Computers

A thought that spawned from the back of a great Quora discussion about the role games designers in the world of gamification.

You can program a computer to play the most stunning works of classical music. You can create vast orchestras who never miss a note, or simple and flawless solo piano performances.

So why is it that people still go to see live performances, or buy cds of real people playing the music?

Heart, soul, the x-factor if you will. That something that separates each of us and makes us all individual. You can teach anyone to do pretty much anything (within physical / mental limitations of course) and they can become good at it. However, some things come from deeper than just learning. They come from a deep understanding at an almost spiritual level.

So when you consider if games designers should be involved in gamification (a word built from the concept of using bits that make GAMES engaging), consider what you would rather listen to – a computer playing a note perfect, but soulless rendition of Mozart or the latest virtuoso pianist?

Now, go and read my interview with Richard Bartle to get a games designers view on it all 🙂 and Happy New Year. Real blogs resume this week!

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