The Green Button – A Short Story

Hi all.

A little self promotional, but it does have a gamification twist! I just published  short story on WhatPad that some of you may enjoy. If I get a decent response, I will probably write some more around the concept. Below is short segment and a link to the full story. You do have to register though it seems!

Thanks in advance 😀

“Good morning Dave.”

Dave lay motionless, unsure what was happening. “It’s time for you to get up now”. Dave opened his eyes and looked around. Nothing looked or felt familiar, least of all the disembodied female voice.

“Ah, there he is. Now, I know this is all a bit strange, but right now there is no time to explain” said the voice. “I need you to press the green button you can see in the corner of your room, and then we can have a bit of a chat”.

Walking over to the green button, he stopped. “Why?” he asked. “We don’t have time for that now Dave, just press the green button”. Dave stayed still. “Only if you tell me why!” Dave said more insistently this time.

“You will have to press it and find that out my dear, but it is too late now. We will speak later and try again then.” As Dave stood there, the green button began to lower into the floor until it was covered by a small hatch. As the hatch closed, the lights went off. It was then that Dave realised the room had no windows.

Get the full story (3000 words, so only a few minutes read)


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