What would you change?

I was asked a great question the other day. If you could go way back, what would you change?

It  got me thinking at the time and I have had it in my mind ever since. At the time I said that I would probably change nothing. The truth is that what I have experienced in my life is what has made me who I am. For the most part, I am pretty happy with how it all turned out!

That is a wishwashy answer though. I then started to think about what I would changed if I was being forced and I did think of something. My A-Levels (the exams you sit at 18). I took Chemistry, Physics and Biology and I was dreadful at them all. I would go back and try to take Computing, Ceramics and Physics if I had the chance again!

Our school didn’t have much in the way of computing facilities back when I was there. A few PCs had replaced the BBC Micros by the time I did A-Levels, but that was about it. But, I would loved to have had the foundation of understanding that I would have gotten from that. I loved physics and was quite good at it. It was fairly black and white, but had the scope for almost philosophical conversations to happen. Finally. ceramics. I enjoyed working with clay!

I think the real key here is that if I could go back, I would have tried to have had more fun in those two years. First by taking subjects I enjoyed and secondly by approaching it all with a more playful attitude. It turns out they really were not as important as we all thought at the time. I still got into university and did a degree that I didn’t enjoy (Biomedical Science) and ended up working in IT anyway! would it not have been much better to have had fun with some of my A-Levels and ended up in a degree or a job that I enjoyed? I would still have probably ended up where I am now in life!

So over to you – What would you changed if you had to change one thing in your past? Answers in the comments please 😀

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5 thoughts on “What would you change?”

  1. Well, not much as I don’t regret taking a job offered at 18 which led me to where I am today. There is certainly part of me that wonders what going to Uni would have been like. However I wasn’t a great student at the time and plan to go back over some A-levels. Similarly I couldn’t do an A-level in IT at the time (went back to college later on for a HNC). I would have liked to have done more around physics (leading to quantum mechanics, cosmology etc) I think.

    As a complete shift I nearly became a stuntman and sometimes wish I could turn back that clock!


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