Misunderstanding Gamification and Over-Promising

A quick mini-rant

Gamification is not about making games. It is about using elements of games in other areas to increase motivation, engagement, fun (at times) and to encourage specific behaviours.

This may include games, serious games, mini games etc – but more often than not, it doesn’t have to. It also doesn’t mean that gamification is limited to points and badges. Strategy, narrative, RPG elements, interactions, choice, random events, levels, challenges etc are all there.

If you want all of that, you need to also seriously consider your budget as none of it comes cheap if you want it doing well. No platform, no matter what they say, will provide you with all of that (gamification, educational materials, games, mini games, narratives, themes) for small change. Most won’t even be able to do it at all (even though the may say they can).

I will build on this in the future I feel.

Let me know your horror stories of working with suppliers who have underdelivered and over promised. Doesn’t have to be gamification related!


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