How would you change current behaviours on scale?

After the success of last week’s question to you all, I wanted to try it again – and say thanks for the advice!

As I sit here, the rate of infection in the UK associated with COVID19 is on the rise.

Yet public apathy towards it seems to still be increasing.

In our local shopping centre, we have a one-way system in place, so people do not cross each other’s paths. The stairs are for people going down between floors only. There are clear signs before the stairs saying “Down Only” and each step has a big red “No Entry” sign stuck to is that is clearly visible as you ascend or even approach,

Yet, I watched in awe as a family of 2 parents and 2 children walked the wrong way around the centre and then went up the stairs.

It got me thinking, how on earth do you change or even affect those kinds of behaviours. It takes a certain commitment and self-centredness to ignore all of the signs and warnings to go the wrong way around the centre, one that I can’t get my head around!

So, my question to all of you – how would you change that sort of behaviour on scale!

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