The Engagement Channel Model

Engagement Channel 3 The Engagement Channel Model

In gamification, you will hear a lot about Flow. I myself have spoken about it many times. In games and gamification, we use it as a way to describe the moment that you get the challenge of a task exactly balanced with the skill of the person involved, leading to a state of absolute focus and possibly flow.

I have also written about how we in gamification especially get our description and understanding of Flow very wrong. But that is another story!

Anyway, I have been rethinking this a lot and have decided to stop talking as much about flow and more about the Engagement Channel. Read More ...

Animal Farm the Game OR How to use games to introduce the classics to new audiences

Sc8iue Animal Farm the Game OR How to use games to introduce the classics to new audiences

Well, happy new year everyone.

I wanted to start 2021 off by talking about an incredibly satisfying gaming experience I had over Christmas. Playing Animal Farm on my phone.

For those that don’t know, Animal Farm is a very stark book written by George Orwell in the 1940s that uses power struggles between farm animals as an allegory for the rise of Stalin and Communism in the early 1900s. It is a classic, but may not be on many peoples radars these days – unless it is a school text! Like his other classic 1984, it is a story that feels a bit too close to our current political climate – with plenty of warnings about what can happen when people choose power over people. Read More ...

Amazing Interactive Mind Map For The User Type Hexad

Screenshot 20201120 172750 Chrome Amazing Interactive Mind Map For The User Type Hexad

This is really cool. I didn’t make it either, Sinan Sensivas did.

It is an interactive mind map of my Hexad and game mechanics. It’s really fun and an interesting way to learn it all.

Take a look and say hi to Sinan on Twitter

The Mindmap!

UK Games Industry Aims to Tackle Loneliness in the Uk With Play & Talk Weekend

Ukie play and talk UK Games Industry Aims to Tackle Loneliness in the Uk With Play 038 Talk Weekend

I don’t often share press releases here, but this seemed to be a very important and timely announcement from UKIE!

17th June 2020: This weekend, 20th–21st June, the UK games industry is calling on the British public to gather online to play and talk together in a united effort to tackle loneliness in the UK.

The PLAY & Talk weekend is taking place during National Loneliness Awareness Week and is part of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s (DCMS) #Let’sTalkLoneliness campaign, which aims to tackle the stigma of loneliness.

Across the Play & Talk weekend people of all ages, whether or not they consider themselves video game players, are encouraged to find just one hour to play together online,re-connect with loved ones or friends and have a conversation with the aim of reducing loneliness.

A recent survey conducted by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) found people aged 16 to 24 are more than twice as likely (50.8%) to have experienced loneliness during the ongoing lockdown combating the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“Video games have given many of us a form of escapism in lockdown and brought many people together as they connect online,” commented Creative Industries Minister Caroline Dinenage. “So this weekend, as part of our Let’s Talk Loneliness campaign, I encourage people to pick your game of choice, play with family and friends but also take time to talk about how you are feeling and faring.

“We have to take a variety of approaches to tackle loneliness and I am delighted that the video games sector is on board supporting our important work in this area.”

Play & Talk is being supported by more than 50 video game businesses including EA, 2K, Ubisoft, Sega and Wargaming. It is also being supported by influencers, including The Yogscast Network, to share directly with their communities.

“We’ve seen people around the world turn to video games to socialise and have fun with friends and family during the pandemic,” said Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (Ukie). “It’s when we’re in these friendly and relaxed environments that we feel most at ease opening up, and right now there’s no better or safer way for people to do that than in video games.”

To support the initiative, askaboutgames has put together some practical tips on how to take part in the Play & Talk weekend, as well as some suggestions for family-friendly games people can play together online. While there, parents and carers can also read more about the Get Smart About P.L.A.Y campaign, offering advice about family controls on video game consoles.

The Play & Talk Weekend follows the Games for Carers initiative, which saw the UK video game industry make thousands of video games available for free to NHS workers to say thank you for their heroic efforts during the pandemic.

In April Ukie also announced a partnership with CALM to highlight the positive effects video games have had during lockdown.

About Ukie

Ukie is the trade body for the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry, representing over 480 games businesses and organisations across the country.

A not-for-profit, it represents businesses of all sizes creating and publishing games across all platforms as well as a wide range of partner members providing valuable services to the video games industry.

Ukie also runs or contributes to a number of additional initiatives aimed at supporting the sector including Digital Schoolhouse, responsible play site and Games London (created in partnership with Film London).


Contact: [email protected]

Free Printable Games

Wraith King Screen Free Printable Games

Hi all.

In this crazy time, I thought I would share a few games that I have made over the last couple of years to either entertain myself or the kids! They are all very simple but might help kill a few hours. Any feedback on them would be also greatly appreciated. They are all very simple looking btw, no fancy graphics!

There will be one more soon, once the kids have had a chance to play it. But head to the gamification hub on Facebook if you want to get a try now. It is a simple escape room type puzzle game.

Wraith King

This is the most complex. It is a solo or co-op tile-based dungeon crawl. I enjoy playing this from time to time when I am stuck for something to do. The world evolves as you play to try and defeat the Wraith King in his lair.

Download Wraith King


This is my favourite (and the kids). It was born on a napkin in a restaurant when my youngest was very board. I wanted something more interesting than snakes and ladders. I bought some drywipe pens and some drywipe sleeves to make the game reusable.



Download Shortcut


The simplest game, with 2 difficulty “settings”. Just race around the track!

Download Driver