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I am trying to work out a little about what makes people tick and what they find fun. I ask only one main question – What do you find fun. This is a ridiculous question, but try! Is it playing games with friends, helping others, solving puzzles, playing sport, watching your children or grandchildren?

This is not just about games (video or otherwise) – anything can be fun, even just the beauty of nature!

Please consider that “Playing Games” is not really enough, I am looking for the type of thing in the game that makes it fun for you. Is it the challenge, the fellowship, attacking others, puzzle solving etc.

Oh and this is anonymous – so be honest please!

What do you find fun? If you are thinking games, what aspect of them (exploration, friends etc. )?

Around about how old are you?

And what is your gender?

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7 Responses

  1. rich_wallace says:

    done! tried to be brief on game and non-game examples. hope it helps!

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