Social Media without the social is just media.

Having a Twitter account or a Facebook page for your company or brand, does not mean you have a Social Media strategy.

Many companies seem to still forget that the key word in Social Media is “social”.

Without customer interaction all you have is media, you may as well just use RSS!

Whilst static feeds on the likes of Twitter have their place (BBC news for instance), if you want to build your brand, you need to engage with your client base or potential client base.

People follow celebrities, not just to find out what they had for breakfast, but because most talk directly to their followers, making them feel closer to their heroes. So it should be with your brand.

A great example happened on Sunday. I made a crack about the Sunday Sport. Within minutes Simon Dean (@deanosunday), the deputy editor of the Sunday Sport was replying and making jokes with me.

Use social media to get your message out there by all means, but make sure your strategy includes some form of social interaction after the message is delivered!

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