GAME: A design process framework

Quite some time ago I released my little design framework. Well as I have been condensing my thoughts and ideas, I decided it was time to make it a little easier, so I came up with GAME.


Gather information by asking;

  • What are you gamifying
  • Why are you gamifying it
  • Who are you gamifying it for
  • How is success measured


Once you have the information, act on it. Design the best solution for your goals and the engagement / experience of your users. Then you have to test it with them!


Measure the activities of the users and measure the outcomes and how they relate to your goals. Use this feedback to iterate improvements.


Enrich your system over time. This is also an iterative process. Add knew challenges and improvements based on the data you gather. Keep the content fresh and engaging for your users. You have to keep up with their needs, if not stay one step ahead!

All in all this is a slightly simpler way to look at the design process.  It also spells GAME, so has to be great!!!

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