Are Mario, YouTube & My Little Pony killing my Daughters Imagination?

Imagination 1440664813 Are Mario YouTube 038 My Little Pony killing my Daughters Imagination
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Andrzej Marczewski

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2 Responses

  1. k1k1 says:

    That was so interesting to me, because i also think some aspects of modern life today ties down imagination of our new generation.
    I have a 4 yr old brother. He likes to play games on my iPad. These kind of games are his first entertaining priority. When game get’s harder, he doesn’t try to find a way through. instead, he put the game away or ask me to play for him.
    When i was a kid, i remember i built things with my toys, i played Role-Playing with my batman and spider man action figures, and i drew characters from my imagination on paper. for me, there was a world in my mind. but for my little brother, there is a world right in front of his eyes, in iPad, not in his mind.
    although good games give you few things and let you make the rest in your mind, just like old toys. I am a gamer so i’m not saying “games are bad” but they are not everything. Brain needs different ways to play with.

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