OGCE 200 2 Revisiting the Gamification Code of Ethics

Revisiting the Gamification Code of Ethics

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You may remember in 2013 I tried to establish a code of ethics for gamification. It got a little traction, but ultimately didn’t get much backing.

After GWC this year, I realised that I really needed to try again, as ethics has become even more important to people as gamification has grown. To that end, I have created the Open Gamification Code of Ethics. This is based on my original code, but I am inviting people to contribute to the development of the code as well. I want it to represent to community as much as possible.

For details of how to sign up and how to contribute, head to http://ethics.gamified.uk. I am looking for someone to create a nice badge that people could include on their sites as well – hit me up of that is something you can do!

Below is the most recent version of the code – it will update as the main code is updated.

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  1. Avatar Dutch says:

    I suggest putting this up on Google Docs or a wiki and having the community commentary create the ethics they will adopt.

    I am offering the 22nd Code of Ethics from the OD (Organization Development) Institute as an example.

    Also I’d write the Code of Ethics in the affirmation and aspiration.

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