What is the Best Gamification Framework?

Gamification frameworks, like many other industries, are all over the place. Everyone has one and probably argue theirs is the best. Hell, I’ve got loads dotted around the site!

But, which one is actually the best?

Well, none of them. They mostly have equal merit based on the context within which you wish to use them. Some, whether they admit it or not, are more suited to analyzing existing systems to gain insights, some are more suited to the practical design of solutions. Some are great at helping to define specific elements you may which to use, some, how to motivate specific groups of users and yet others how to actually run the whole project.

The point is, a framework is only as good as the use you put it to. If you rely on just one, you are likely to not achieve everything you could if you had used more or at least ones that are more suited to your specific needs at the time. Just like we keep telling clients, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”.

They are all tools in our toolkit and we should be familiar with what each is good at and what each is bad at to get the most out of them!

So what is the best gamification framework? All of them, depending on your needs and the context within which you will be using them!

Happy framework hunting peeps.


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