First considerations of Gamification

On thing I am asked more than any question when it comes to gamification, is how do I get started. What is the first thing I should do.

The answer they are hoping for normally is something like “Download this great framework and slap it on your product – job done”. However, this is never my answer (though at times, if it is suitable for their needs it will be part of the answer… but that’s another story!).

What I actually say is “Decide WHY you need gamification and WHAT you are actually using it for / on”. That should be the first days of discussion. Too many times you see gamification applied just because it can be applied.

Once you have that down, then the rest will start to fall into place. Get an understanding of who will be involved, design your system around those user types and the program goals and you are well on the way to building a good solution.

Take a look at my simple framework to get an idea of what questions to ask yourself as you begin to look at gamifying anything.

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