What’s Your Biggest Gamification Challenge? (And Episode 3 of the podcast is out)

I wanted to ask you guys what you feel your biggest challenge in gamification is? For me, it is getting folks to take gamification as an industry seriously. There are many reasons for this, a lot of which we dive into in the latest Andrzej & Roman Show (Yeah shameless plug)!

Whatever the reason for this may be, it is imperative that you overcome it quickly. I’ve told this story many times, but it is worth repeating. I once sat in a meeting where less than 5 minutes into the presentation, the client just stopped me and said “I hate everything you have said so far. We don’t play games, we are too busy”

That probably sounds very familiar to many of you out there. It is a killer and this was made worse by the fact I was not very senior and my boss froze and said not one word – just looked at me!

So I took a gamble. “So, you play no games. Do you play any sports, golf maybe?” He smiled and said, “Of course”. “Well, then you play games, however, I am not asking your employees to play games. I am just offering you a way to provide feedback to your employees to help them take more responsibility and ownership of their productivity and success. Think of it as a fun looking dashboard.”

That was the turning point of the conversation. I had gently turned his head from the fear of people playing Call of Duty all day at work to understanding the true power of the suggestions we were making. And I had pretty graphs!

That was a killer, but thankfully I managed it. What have you had that totally took you off guard and gave you a minor heart attack? What have you found challenging when getting your foot in the door.

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