What Pure Joy Looks Like

Pure joy What Pure Joy Looks Like
Anyone who has read my blog will know that my daughters are an inspiration to me on a regular basis. All of me research into play was initiated by watching them as was my little adventure into fun.Today I wanted to share with you an important lesson – what pure joy actually looks like.

The girls in a hurricane simulator at the London aquarium !

Posted by Andrzej Marczewski on Monday, 28 September 2015

This video was taken of my daughters at the London Aquarium in a hurricane Simulator. For £2, you lock the kids in for about 30 seconds and it simulates winds of around 80mph. Why? Because it is fun! It serves no purpose, there is no higher meaning, it is just (for some) an enjoyable experience.

It is good to be reminded that not everything needs to have a purpose to be important. That simple £2 investment gave my children an experience that cheered them up after a lot of walking and that created smiles and memories that are priceless. Read More ...

What would you change?

Change 1443010847 What would you change

I was asked a great question the other day. If you could go way back, what would you change?

It  got me thinking at the time and I have had it in my mind ever since. At the time I said that I would probably change nothing. The truth is that what I have experienced in my life is what has made me who I am. For the most part, I am pretty happy with how it all turned out!

That is a wishwashy answer though. I then started to think about what I would changed if I was being forced and I did think of something. My A-Levels (the exams you sit at 18). I took Chemistry, Physics and Biology and I was dreadful at them all. I would go back and try to take Computing, Ceramics and Physics if I had the chance again! Read More ...

A week of memes

IMG 3749 A week of memes

For some strange reason I have become obsessed with making memes recently! It may just be I have a  couple of apps on the phone that make it easy now. Whatever the reasons, I thought I would share my last week or so of memes here with you guys. Also, I have not had a chance to write a real blog. Oh, before we go there though – the book has a title (I think)

Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play

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Now on to the memes!