Have a Batman break to keep motivated.

Last Friday, I began a little experiment – Batman’s big day out.

It was the start of a series of little bits of fun I will be capturing and putting up on social media, following the story of my little LEGO Batman figure.

Now, the point is I wanted to have a bit of fun on my Friday and possibly bring a little to my friends along the way. A question that came up though was

“Have you no work to do?”.

The answer was – of course I do. However, the total time take on Friday to do this was about 30 minutes. As I work with a VDU, I am meant to have a break every hour. If I smoked, it would be acceptable to take 45 minutes or more a day for smoking breaks. So is 30 minutes of something that I enjoyed, kept me motivated, was creative, brought joy to others and helped increase social media traffic for me that day a bad thing? Of course not – and I am not giving myself or anyone else cancer having a Batman break!

Is it gamification? Probably not, but it is enjoyable and that can’t be a bad thing.

So, next time you are stressed – have a Batman break!

Stay tuned for more adventures.

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6 thoughts on “Have a Batman break to keep motivated.”

  1. How would you make it gamification? Easy peasy. Put a narrative around it that is work related. Use Hero’s Journey to create a myth of epic proportion. Batman is the slayer of unsafe habits, red tape and bureaucratic nightmares, waste…


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