Gamification: You May Already Be Using It!

Gamification Gamification You May Already Be Using It

Right, so back to gamification.

I thought I would take a quick look at a couple of gamification techniques you may already be using on your website or blog, but not realise that’s what it is!

Exploration and Engagement

First up, that little box that slides out of the corner of the page and says “RECOMMENDED FOR YOU”. On WordPress there is a great plugin called “The Slide” by SimpleReach. It is there to try and keep you on the site a bit longer – to increase your engagement – and is actually very good at doing it. It shows you another story on the site that is related in some way to the one you have just been reading thus, encouraging you to look a bit deeper into the site. In gamification terms, it would be called Exploration. You are giving the reader a simple signpost to help them explore the site and discover new content. You are influencing their behaviour. On this blog I noticed that rather than people just staying on the one page, they averaged three pages per visit. Read More ...

Super Nanny and the Gamification of a Generation

20120211 085538 Super Nanny and the Gamification of a Generation

Whilst I continue my quest to write a bit more about the less obvious dynamics and mechanics of Gamification, a little thought occurred.

In 2004 a lovely lady by the name of Jo Frost appeared on our televisions in a program called Super Nanny. For those who didn’t see it (it is still showing in the US I think), basically Miss Frost would go into a family who had “problem” children and work out how best to bring them back under control. Of course this being the Naughties, smacking is a big no no, so she introduced the world to two concepts. The Reward Chart and the Naughty Step. Whilst these were not new ideas, it was the first time many people had seen them. Read More ...

The Gamification of Life

Nappy game The Gamification of Life

Okay, okay, I know this blog is getting a bit Gamification heavy AND I also promised the next post would be a very serious one that went into more detail about non reward like gamification, but it isn’t – yet – so there.

The reason for this blog? Well, it is currently about 3am and I have just changed my daughters nappy whilst trying to feed her. I set myself the challenge to change her, in her Moses basket, whilst feeding her. I basically gamified the process to make it more entertaining to my sleep deprived brain. However, it got me to thinking. Whenever people talk about gamification, it is normally related to some kind of technology based solution. Make it into a video game, add rewards and achievements to their online profile, that sort of thing. Read More ...

The Jobification of Games – A Parody of Gamification

Peashooter The Jobification of Games 8211 A Parody of Gamification

A Parody of Gamification

I have written at length about Gamification.  Some people have even begun to take what I say seriously, which is great.  However, time for some fun.  What if we flipped the idea on its head.  If games worked based on the set of rules many businesses have.  How would a jobified game actually play?

A Quest is Born

The day starts with you sitting at your desk.  First you boot up your pc and do the morning kitchen dance, as you get your first cup of coffee for the day. After returning to your desk and going through your RSS feeds and non essential emails, it is time for work.  Top of your inbox you see an email with a red exclamation mark. 

Gamification: you got to play to win

1068892 52827783 Gamification you got to play to win

A lovely chat with some new friends brought about an interesting thought. Can you really write games or gamify things if you don't play games?

I have rambled at length about my views on gamification. I have explained what I think the basics of game theory boil down to. A task with some kind of reward or incentive offered for completion.