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4 part SAMR Model to Analyse Gamification

I love coming up with new models and frameworks, I find them really handy and hope that when I share them that others do as well. However, I am also a great believer in not reinventing the wheel! Recently I happened to see a comment from one of my favourite...

Bad Badges 7

Gamification: Why Badges can be Bad – Really Bad

Last week I got to go to the Digital Shoreditch Play event. It was a wonderful day, listening to games developers, designers, experts and Gamification gurus all with amazing tales to tell from the coal face of the industry. The audience there were of similar calibre , most being experts...


Super Nanny and the Gamification of a Generation

Whilst I continue my quest to write a bit more about the less obvious dynamics and mechanics of Gamification, a little thought occurred. In 2004 a lovely lady by the name of Jo Frost appeared on our televisions in a program called Super Nanny. For those who didn’t see it...


The Gamification of Life

Okay, okay, I know this blog is getting a bit Gamification heavy AND I also promised the next post would be a very serious one that went into more detail about non reward like gamification, but it isn’t – yet – so there. The reason for this blog? Well, it...


The Jobification of Games – A Parody of Gamification

A Parody of Gamification

I have written at length about Gamification.  Some people have even begun to take what I say seriously, which is great.  However, time for some fun.  What if we flipped the idea on its head.  If games worked based on the set of rules many businesses have.  How would a jobified game actually play?

A Quest is Born

The day starts with you sitting at your desk.  First you boot up your pc and do the morning kitchen dance, as you get your first cup of coffee for the day. After returning to your desk and going through your RSS feeds and non essential emails, it is time for work.  Top of your inbox you see an email with a red exclamation mark. 


Redefined by Technology: The words, they are a changing

Below is a very low brow, non expert look at how the technological revolution has changed the definition of words and concepts over the last few years.

Social: When I were a lad, socialising meant going ot the local for a few drinks. Now it means something totally different, with the advent of Social Networking.