New Year – What could it Bring

Well, in a few hours it will be 2012. Now, sadly we are not traveling in flying cars though luckily it doesn’t look like the world is going to end. So what is going to happen in 2012?

I think it is pretty certain that a gajillion new social media related jobs will be created. That said, I have to wonder how long that can last. These types of roles can only exist whilst the general populace don’t understand the technologies. Just like web design, once the reserve of the very technical, demanding insane fees, now it is taught in schools and pretty much anyone can get themselves a site in minutes these days.

HTML5. With luck some unification will be brought to this most misunderstood of technologies. It is one of those things that is a great idea, but it just needs everyone to standardise their browsers enough to make use of all it’s features. Until then it is a nice language to know for mobile browsers, which is a shame. Maybe 2012 will se me finally learn HTML5!!

Tablets as real productivity tools. 2012 will most certainly be the year of the tablet. iPad 3, Asus Transformer quad core, windows 8 and more. The market will be flooded with some great devices and companies will have to stop ignoring how important and productive they can be in the workplace.

Lots of games with the number 4 in it and quite probably a console with a 4 in it. I fear that it will be a year that brings on the next gen of consoles. I say fear, my wallet and my wife fear. I look forward to it!

Those are a few things I think will happen this coming year. What is your take on it. What would you love to see and what are you terrified of happening?

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