Gamification: Adding the unusual to the usual to create benefit.

1207907 74613910 Gamification Adding the unusual to the usual to create benefit

Andrzej Marczewski

Gamification Expert, author, consultant and designer. I love to write about it, talk about it and bore people to death with it! If you really want to get to know me, check out the About page.

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  1. If someone talks about a game that fascinates him he doesn’t talk about the +200 Xpoints he got because he found a virtual good and he is also not talking about how amazing it was to build a new house on his street while playing Monopoly.
    But he is talking about the challenges that are hard to overcome. He talks about his efforts and try & errors till he finally got the solution. He is talking about the story, missions and challenges that he is facing.
    And talking about all these happenings, what he really means is how the game challenged him, made him progressing, learning and get better than he was before. And this means: He experienced some kind of fulfillment.

    And I’m not talking about a little: “yeah, I’ve got it”. I’m talking about a rush of dopamin that is being released inside your brain. And that’s nothing particular just for gamers. Play is nature’s learning engine. It was an evolutionary process that these species that were able to learn (means to adapt to changes in their environment) faster than others were better prepared to survive. Therefore, evolution had to come up with a tool that rewards us for doing great in the sense of surviving…that is to say: learning.
    So, think about it: You love to get things done. You love to achieve benefit from your activities. You love to get smarter. And you love it to be involved in an activity that challenges you entirely.
    Remember the last time you lost track of time? There it was… an activity that needed all your focus, right? And did you like it? I bet you can’t remember any time that you lost track of time while doing something you didn’t like. “Wow, five hours? It felt like one.”
    But the fact is that most people are very enthusiastic about all sorts of games and things in their lives yet go to work with no sense of enthusiasm or fun. Why is this?
    A Game provides us for example with immediate feedback and the perfect ratio between the challenges we are facing and the skills of its player. They make it possible for us to achieve the state of “Flow” (one of the most intrinsic rewarding mental state a human is able achieve).
    Games are able to do this by design. And I’m not talking about graphic-design.

    The idea of Gamification is to use what we know about motivational- and behavioral-psychology and to merge it with the powerful tool of Games: creating opportunities for mastering (progress), immerdiate feedback, meaningful choices and some kind of meaning (collaboration for a something epic).

    So, Gamification is a framework that uses similar elements like games to let us experience the most powerful emotions we know about (besides love) : Fulfillment and enjoyment.

    We are hardwired to this emotions. It is build into our DNA. So, why not use gamification-thinking to ‘fix’ the activities in reality that aren’t able to give us what we want. If the gaming industry can do it – we can do it. 🙂

  2. Thomas ZhouThomas Zhou says:

    I was looking up Typing of the Dead as an example of Gamification and found this post, I like your soundbite for the description of gamification, I had a hard time defining it myself but I generally like to consider it as “capturing the essence of fun”.

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