Gamification: Is Loyalty Going Wrong?

This article is interesting, as it shows consumer groups are converned about loyalty schemes in retail that use challenges to encourage more spending.

Consumer groups have raised concerns over new “challenges” introduced by major UK supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons, that reward shoppers with extra loyalty points for increased spending. These challenges, part of increasingly sophisticated loyalty card schemes, could potentially lead to overspending. While supermarkets claim these schemes offer better value and personalised savings, consumer group Which? and debt charity StepChange warn they could encourage people to spend beyond their means. The caution comes amidst rising food prices and the average person holding loyalty cards for three different supermarkets.

We know gamification will get blamed for this, but is it the fault of gamificaiton? No!

As Star Trek Discovery just said in the most recent episode

A brick is just a brick.It can create a home or destroy a body.

Star Trek Discovery – S05E10 – Life, Itself

Supermarkets are choosing to use challenges to squeeze the last penny out of people under the guise of “offering value”.

We should be designed loyalty schemes that put the user at the center of the experience, not the business needs – or at least find a sweet spot between the two.

People Before Profit!

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