How Great Customer Service Saved a Poor Customer Experience

Restaurant 1566999270 How Great Customer Service Saved a Poor Customer Experience

A short story for a post today.

My wife and I recently went for a meal at a restaurant we have been to many times over the years. We have never had a bad meal or experience with them.

That all changed with this meal.

I am going to lay out the things that happened that were bad – but then explain why we will still be going there again and again!

The Bad

First, my wifes’ meal was overcooked, so we sent it back. Not all that unusual an action. However, before they got on with the job of actually cooking a new meal, they sent a manager over to just check we wanted a new meal. That took 5 or 10 minutes. It was then another 15 minutes until the meal was brought to us – all the while my meal was getting cold. Read More ...

Amazon: Getting customer care wrong

Customer centric header Amazon Getting customer care wrong

Recently my wife pre-ordered a book from Amazon. She put her order in the day after pre-orders opened and chose super-saver delivery. Her understandable assumption was that if she pre-ordered, then the book would at least be dispatched on the day of release. She knew she would have to wait a few days for delivery, but that was fine.

The truth was a little different. The book was due for release on the 18th of June. Looking at her delivery estimates in Amazon, it stated the book was due for dispatch on the 22nd of June with a delivery estimate of 27th of June. She was a little confused by this. Read More ...