A Request For Your Expertise to Help Me Lose Weight!

How do all?

So, rather than me offering my view on things, I want to put the ball in your court.

I have been reminded that I need to lose some weight and get healthier for a few medical reasons. I have done this in the past, but I am terrible at sticking to regimes, despite, or maybe because of, all the stuff I know about motivation and habit building! The irony is real!

What I would love is to hear your advice, words of wisdom and stories about losing weight and getting in shape. What worked for you? Did you use gamification? Did you use well-known plans or more obscure methods? Read More ...

A Question of Ethics with a little nod to Gamification

1210112 37589817 A Question of Ethics with a little nod to Gamification

Hello all and a very happy Monday to you. As ever, I am blown away by your reactions to my blogs. The Gamification Framework and Resources posts seemed to go down very well. As such, I have added them as menu options with the Evangelist page! I would really plead with you to get into the gamification forums. I would love to be a bit of a place to go to get answers from the community to questions the Gamification world may ask!

On to today’s post though. I was in a toy store with my daughter this weekend and was witness to a pretty neat little game / gamification example in the shop. However, I was also forced to question the ethics of what was being done. Read More ...