If You Love Gamification You Should Love This from Gustavo Tondello!

Badges 1582555779 If You Love Gamification You Should Love This from Gustavo Tondello

I don’t often promote other people, I’m a selfish git like that. However, the work of Gustavo Tondello at Gameful Bits is some of my favourite in the industry. His PhD research is some of the best I have seen, mixing well research data with practical application (and yes, he did work with my User Types, but that is only part of why I like his stuff!)

Anyway, he has started a new venture that should be of interest to anyone in the industry. For a small monthly Patreon fee, he will be creating in-depth articles and reviews based on the research that is out there, but in a format that is easy to digest for the busiest of consultants! Read More ...

What can learning guitar teach us about gamification?

Fourth Chord2D What can learning guitar teach us about gamification

I have been playing guitar since I was 16. As I approach my 40th birthday, I have had the opportunity to reflect on a lot of things. Mostly things that are deeper than this, but it popped into my mind, so I gave it time!

When I started playing guitar, I learned three chords. G, C and A. I had a little acoustic guitar that my Mum bought me in a car boot sale for £6. She told me that if I could learn to play a song and play it well, she would consider going halves on an electric guitar with me.  I went Read More ...

The Paradox of Play

Blurred play The Paradox of Play

Play from the Start

When we are born, we don’t have a set of predefined rules imprinted on us about what we should and shouldn’t do or how we should and shouldn’t do it! Babies have a totally open and clear mind.

They spend their time learning everything they can, using all their senses. They learn the sound of their mother’s voice, the feel of her touch, the scent of her hair, all before they even open their eyes to learn what she looks like.

From that moment on, they are exploring their environment and learning. Everything is new to them, it’s exciting and probably terrifying in equal measure. Strange faces, strange smells, and tastes. People playing peekaboo, talking in strange voices and making odd sounds that should probably mean something, but don’t. They get bounced on knees, thrown in the air, passed around and cuddled like a toy. The experience new things called emotions; love, fear, joy, sadness and more. Read More ...

How do you deal with being wrong?

Error 1432641088 How do you deal with being wrong

Not really a gamification related post today, though it could pertain to the gamification community!

It happens to us all at some point. Someone says something, you see something, read something, hear something – whatever – but it shakes the foundations of something you knew in your hear was correct. Until you discovered this new information, you would have staked the life of your entire family line on what you knew to be correct. Now, you find out that you had been wrong all along – how do you deal with it? Read More ...

Skill Trees and Gamification

InventorSkillTree Skill Trees and Gamification

Now that I have redone the User Types, I wanted to run a small series of how elements from games can be used with gamification. If you remember, I look at Game Thinking rather than just gamification as a singular path to solutions. Games handle complex problems and ideas in a fantastic way. They can simplify the complex without losing hte meaning.

For this one, I want to consider Skill Trees.

Most commonly seen in Role Playing Games (RPG’s) such as World of Warcraft and strategy / world domination games like Civilization. The image below is an example from a game called Legends of Aethereus. Read More ...