7 Rules for Gamification

I just thought as I had not written a post for a few days (researching for a couple of good ones!), I would put up my 7 rules  for gamification.

  1. Be sure that adding gamification adds benefit for the end users.
  2. Extrinsic rewards (points, prizes etc) can engage over short periods such as onboarding / enrol and enthuse phases.
  3. Intrinsic motivation is essential for long term engagement and if you are looking for quality and creativity over quantity.
  4. Be open about what data is collected and why. Trust is essential.
  5. Define clear goals.
  6. Define and collect metrics.
  7. Be flexible and adapt as user needs and behaviours change.

That’s it for now, got stuff on uncertainty as well as team work and collaboration on the way soon.

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