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Disruptor archetypes Disruptor Superhero Archetypes 0

Disruptor Superhero Archetypes!

I love superheroes, I make no apology for that! A while back I did a post that compared my User Types to various superheroes and super-villains. I thought it would be fun to do...

Disruptor3 Exploring the Disruptor User Type 3

Exploring the Disruptor User Type

As time passes and I learn more, I often re-evaluate my past blogs and ideas – none more-so than my User Types! Now, don’t panic, I am not about to release version 3 –...

Status Status motivation and primal instinct 1

Status, motivation and primal instinct

Note, when I am talking about user types, I am referring to my classification  user types found here! Since I released the User Types Hexad, I speak less about the extrinsic group outside of calling them Players....