Balancing rewards against effort in Gamification

Perceived value vs effort Balancing rewards against effort in Gamification

Andrzej Marczewski

Gamification Expert, author, consultant and designer. I love to write about it, talk about it and bore people to death with it! If you really want to get to know me, check out the About page.

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4 Responses

  1. SuzieSuzie says:

    I appreciate the fact that you posted this view on reward systems. Reward systems are difficult to apply in an effective way and the way you presented it made it easy to understand and follow your line of thought. Thanks for shedding some light on this topic.

  2. Marno HermannMarno Hermann says:

    Love the way you left out the words in the main image, it made me wonder what the rest of the article will entail.

    The way you used the imagery and graphs is fascinating and it supports your facts accordingly. By combining your two graphs at the end you give a twist to rewards vs effort I haven’t seen as of yet.

    The article definitely captured my attention and I enjoyed your take on the subject. You explain each category in as few words as possible and that strengthens the message you convey to the readers.

    You make the topic of gamification even more interesting than it is already. Your effort is thoroughly appreciated.

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