User Types – an expansion to consider

I have not mentioned User Types for at least a couple of blog posts – so though it was time to mess with your heads a little.

When I first started the user types, there were four intrinsic types (Socialiser, Free Spirit, Achiever, Philanthropist) which represented the four intrinsic motivators I speak about in RAMP (Relatedness, Autonomy, Master, Purpose). There was also one extrinsic type called the Player.

I later moved to eight types by expanding the player into four basic types that mirrored similar actions to the intrinsic types, but for rewards. These new types were; Networker, Exploiter, Consumer and Self Seeker.

Finally, I settled on six types – the Hexad. This contains the original types as well as Player and Disruptor. This now makes up the core of my types and everything I speak about in types. However, me being me, I can’t just leave it at that. In reality I have never stopped evolving the types and adding too them as I observe new and interesting behaviours. So for those of you who are interested, I present the full – current – thirteen types! This is likely to change and alter – especially as I get more results in for the fun survey! However, it does give a nice breakdown of how I view the Players and the Disruptors.  There is a lot going on with them all. Remember – the Hexad is still the core of my User Types and that isn’t going to change 🙂

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