True loyalty meme A Story of Loyalty Gamification World Congress 2015 Talk

A Story of Loyalty: Gamification World Congress 2015 Talk

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Just thought I would share the video of my talk on loyalty and Christmas turkey from Gamification World Congress 2015


To give some context for the start – Bart Briers had just described me as The King of Gamification! At the end, I also caught him out as the talk was only 12 minutes long 😉

If you are interested in Gamification World Congress 2016, head over to their new website – you won’t be sorry and there are loads of videos from the last one to watch.

If you want to learn more about loyalty, you could always grab my book from Amazon 🙂

Oh and here are the slides – enjoy!!

[slideshare id=55053097&doc=gwc15-final-151112192234-lva1-app6892]

True loyalty meme 500x500 A Story of Loyalty Gamification World Congress 2015 Talk

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