10 Minute Shake Up from NHS and Disney

Photo 23 08 2015 09 13 17 10 Minute Shake Up from NHS and Disney

Over the summer, the NHS lead programme Change4Life, ran a great campaign aimed at getting kids to do a little bit of excercise. It was called “10 Minute Shake Up” and was done in partnership with Disney.

For starters this is a great idea and one that I whole heartedly support. But the idea was just part of it, the execution is why I have decided to write about it. It was a beautifully realised gamified event.

A few weeks before the summer holidays started, an advertising campaign began for the 10 Minute Shake Up. It invited parents to sign up, for free, to get a pack for their child. Each pack was based on one of four Disney franchises: Toy Story, Big Hero Six, Frozen and Monsters Inc. Read More ...

Mary Poppins was full of crap

MP151 Mary Poppins was full of crap

Ok, this has been bugging me for years. In Gamification, there are many things you hear again and again. It’s not about games, points are bad, intrinsic motivation is king. There are more, but the one I have an issue is a quote from that most famous of nannies (and most irresponsible in my mind) , Mary Poppins:

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and ‘snap’, the job’s a game.

This is where I cry “Bullshit!”

At the point she is singing this, she is trying to convince the miserable children she is looking after to do some tidying. Rather than creating a game of the chore, she uses magic to make stuff fly around and put themselves away. Read More ...