Gamification User Journey Framework

User Journey 2017 1 Gamification User Journey Framework

As ever, I look at all my work and try to evolve it over time. This time it is the turn of the EEEE User Journey framework. There is nothing wrong with it in concept, I just feel that I want to add to it!

If you will remember it consisted of four phases. Enrol, Enthuse, Engage and End Game / Endear.

Now, I have started to view it slightly differently! It’s my prerogative ok! So now we start with Discover (yes I know the likes of Yu Kai and Amy Jo have done this), followed by On-Board, Immerse, Master and finally Replay Read More ...

Just rewarding activity is not gamification: stop it!

Image Just rewarding activity is not gamification stop it

I have promised in the past not to write about the dangers of extrinsic rewards anymore. However, can’t stand reading about gamification being a failure anymore, when the articles proclaiming this almost always start with “gamification is about awarding points, or physical rewards to people for doing dull tasks”.

No quoting from Dan Pink or Deci and Ryan this time, just facts based on experience.

If you offer a reward, especially a material reward that has value to people, you are setting yourself up for failure. Every time I have seen a ‘gamified’ campaign that offers someone like an iPad as a prize for participation, it has had problems. The worst culprit is when the prize is offered for nothing more than activity (so no actual creativity needed). Read More ...

Gamification Spreads its Wings to India

India’s first Gamification conference is happening Oct 4 in Bangalore. The speaker list is up and the line-up is pretty impressive. Speakers include Mario Herger, Yu-kai Chou, Fergie Miller, Shahnawaz Khan and more. The chance to get face-to-face with leading deployers from the world of gamification, to learn the power of engaging design, how to implement these techniques to reinvent the way you engage with business and the way your business engages with the world, is not to be missed. When you register before Aug 16 you’ll save up to $50 off the regular fee (and ensure your spot). Read More ...